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Underwear Origami reviews: (Paperback)

A fun adventure from San Francisco to Hong Kong!, February 24, 2012
Underwear Origami made me feel like I was on a journey with a very cool, interesting person. The characters in the book were fascinating, but seemed real - a combination that is hard to come by. The dialogue, relationships and pacing were great - felt very natural, not forced. In addition, the author has an encyclopedic knowledge of music and the characteristics of sound...quite amazing, really. I had a great time reading the book, and hope to visit with these characters in a future book.
B. Sanders (Portland, OR USA)

Wow, not just for hipster Bay Area aficionados, November 5, 2011
Really enjoyed the story which takes you from San Francisco to Hong Kong. It's clear the author knows a ton about music which he weaves into enjoyable contemplative conversations between a dub DJ and all the other cool cats in this mystery adventure. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a quick and fun read.
Khalina "viajando" (San Mateo, CA USA)

I could not put it down, September 30, 2011
I really enjoyed this novel. I live in the Bay Area and it gave me a great nostalgia for San Francisco in 1999. Once I got started I could not put it down. I also enjoyed all the music that is the one of the threads running through this book. If you are looking for story that will take on you on an adventure check this one out!
Sarah Chase (Berkeley, CA USA)